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Introducing Sparkling Dreams Decor's exclusive 40 & FAB Big Letters, dedicated to transforming your milestone celebration into an extraordinary affair. Elevate your event with the iconic 40 & FAB table centerpiece, a radiant emblem of joy and fabulousness.


Beyond mere furniture, the 40 & FAB table is a masterpiece that infuses sophistication into your celebration. With its bold design and captivating aesthetics, this versatile table serves as a stunning centerpiece or a backdrop for treasured moments.


Whether commemorating a 40th birthday, an anniversary, or another remarkable milestone, our 40 & FAB table rental guarantees an unforgettable experience. Your guests will be entranced by its elegance and the enchanting ambiance it conjures.


Illuminate your celebration with Sparkling Dreams Decor's 40 & FAB table rental. Secure your reservation now and let us contribute to crafting a stylish and glamorous event that will be remembered for years to come.

40 & FAB - Big Letters

  • The letters are designed to be used as a table centerpiece for a Birthday party. They can also be used as wall decor or as standalone pieces.

    Letters Dimenssions Dimensions

    • Letter 4: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter 0: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter &: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter F: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter A: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter B: 550mm x 800mm

    Letters Material

    • The letters are made of foam and are cut to the specified dimensions.
    • They are painted white for durability and to reduce any damage.
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