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Experience the enchantment of your special moments through Sparkling Dreams Decor's exclusive OH BABY Big Letters. Infused with charm and elegance, our centerpiece elevates your event to unmatched heights.


More than decor, the OH BABY Big Letters are a bold statement of sophistication. Its striking lettering on clear acrylic sets the stage for unforgettable memories—a centerpiece or backdrop for cherished photos.


For baby showers, gender reveals, or first birthdays, our OH BABY Big Letters adds enchantment, mesmerizing guests and creating wonder.


Craft an unforgettable event with Sparkling Dreams Decor's OH BABY Big Letters. Reserve now for a journey of joy and cherished memories that linger a lifetime.

OH BABY - Big Letters

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The letters are designed to be used as a table centerpiece for baby showers or gender reveals. They can also be used as wall decor or as standalone pieces.

    Letters Dimenssions Dimensions

    • Letter O: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter H: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter B: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter A: 550mm x 800mm
    • Letter Y: 550mm x 800mm

    Letters Material

    • The letters are made of foam and are cut to the specified dimensions.
    • They are painted white for durability and reduce any damadge
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